Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?


Office and computer chairs can be comfortable to sit in, however they may not necessarily be good for your back. A chair that does not have ample back support or adjustable features, can leave you slouching, feeling fatigued and can cause lower back pain. 

Fatigue and back pain can lead to lower productivity as your body is concentrating more on the pain than the task. There may also be long term effects of slouching by putting pressure on your spine, nerves, and muscles over a long period of time, and possibly causing permanent damage. 

Racing style gaming chairs in particular are designed with not only comfort in mind, but also have special ergonomic features that ensure that the chair is not only comfortable but actually good for your back by providing support in all the right places. 

Choosing a gaming chair that is good for your back will make sure that, even after hours of gameplay, you are still looking after your health.

There are certain features to consider when choosing a gaming chair that is good for your back. The first feature to consider is whether the chair encourages a correct sitting posture. The second one involves choosing a seat with adjustable comfort features. Lastly, make sure the chair fits your size and height.

These special features are common in many racer gaming chairs and include: the ergonomic design of the backrest, extra padding, backrest height and adjustable seat height, adjustable lumbar support cushions and headrest pillows, adjustable armrests, a 360 degree swivel base, rocking and reclining positions, and footrests. We will explore these in more detail below.

Ergonomic Design of the Backrest

Gaming chairs have a special ergonomic design that shapes the back of the chair along the natural curves of the spine and provides shoulder support. This enables you to rest and position your back in the most natural and comfortable position, ensuring a good posture. 


When choosing the perfect gaming chair for your back, make sure that the chair has ample and dense padding that won’t easily give in over time. Padding in the seat and back of the chair will make sure that no part of the frame of the chair will dig into you, and the padding in the seat will ease the pressure off your spine and back muscles. Some seats are even fitted with memory foam that will fit and support you in all your high pressure areas. 

Extra and high density padding is even more important if you are a larger person, so that the seat doesn’t sag under a heavier weight. Choosing a chair that is specifically designed to hold a higher weight will ensure that there is enough high density padding. Larger people should also choose a wider chair to support their frame. Some gaming chairs are made for people up to 500 pounds.

Chair Back and Seat Height

It is important to know how to adjust your chair, so that you sit in a correct and healthy position. When sitting on your chair, you should position your legs in a parallel position to your hips or your hips can be at a slightly higher position. Therefore it is important to choose a gaming chair that is height adjustable, so that you can adjust yourself to the correct height for optimal posture.

If you are a very tall person, there are gaming chairs that have been specially designed for big and tall people. Choose a chair that has a back that is tall enough for you.

Adjustable Lumbar Cushions and Headrest Pillows

Racer gaming chairs are also often built with extra lumbar-support cushions and headrest cushions. These cushions give your lower back extra support and prevent lower back pain.

The headrest pillows allow you to rest your head, giving your neck extra support and help to prevent neck pain. Often these support cushions are adjustable, so that you can maneuver them into the correct positions to provide the best support and comfort. 

Some chairs even have a built-in massage feature in the lumbar support cushion that can massage your lower back for even more relaxed muscles. Other chairs offer memory foam pillows for an even more comfortable place to rest your head.


Unlike office chairs that often have armrests that are immovable, many gaming chairs have 4D armrests that can move in all possible directions, allowing you to place your arms in the most comfortable position and be able to change positions if you get uncomfortable. This takes pressure off of your arms, shoulders, and upper back.

Swivel and Rock and Lock Positions

Having the correct posture is important, but so is the ability to be able to move your body, as sitting still and in the same position can leave your muscles feeling tense. Gaming chairs allow you to swivel 360 degrees and have various rocking positions that you can lock into place. Racer gaming chairs are able to recline from around 120 to 180 degrees, depending on the chair, and can allow you to relax your back in a resting position. 

The rocking motion allows you to change positions, stretch your back, and move into the most comfortable position depending on what activity you are doing, such as gaming, reading, or watching a movie. Some gaming chairs even have a sedentary reminder in the seat that will buzz hourly to remind you to stand up, move, and stretch. 


Certain gaming chairs are fitted with footrests that allow you to take all the pressure off your body when reclining or in a resting position.


Whether or not a gaming chair will be good for your back will ultimately depend on how you use it. You will need to find one that fits your unique body shape and height correctly and also use it the way it was intended to be used. If you are going to choose an ill-fitting chair, or slouch in it, even the best ergonomically designed chair won’t be good for your back. 

If however you find a gaming chair with great features in terms of ergonomics and comfort, and sit correctly in it, you will improve your posture, have more energy, endure less pain, and it will end up being good for your back.

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