Past Events / Past Inductees

The objectives of the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame are to recognize, honor and preserve the contributions, exceptional accomplishments, and dedication of historical figures or current leaders in science or technology who have had, or are having, an impact on Long Island.

Inductees are selected impartially from among individual nominees submitted by corporate, research, and academic institutions, as well as colleagues, peers, or other personal associates.

The LITHF Nomination and Awards Selection Committee then determines the most qualified inductees according to intellectual acumen, lifetime achievement, overall impact on the advancement of science and technology, national prominence, contributions to Long Island’s economic development and commitment to the Long Island community.

The 2013 LITH Inductees

Dr. Colin Goddard

Dr. Ari Kaufman

Mr. Robert Klein

Mr. Barry Rubenstein

The 2012 LITH Inductees

Samuel H. Aronson, PhD

Kevin Tracey, MD

Paul Richman

Robert M. Brill, PhD

The 2011 LITHF Inductees

Dr. Yacov Shamash

Jacob Lamm

The 2010 LITHF Inductees

Leo A. Guthart

Nikola Tesla

Dr. Boris Metlitsky

Dr. Nicholas P. Samios


ReiJane Huai

The 2009 LITHF Inductees

Robert B. Catell

Anwar Chitayat

Joanna S. Fowler

Bernard Loughlin

James A. Hayward

The 2008 LITHF Inductees

Russell M. Artzt

Ira Grant Hedrick

David E. Hershberg

Paul C. Lauterbur

Bert Brodsky

The 2007 LITHF Inductees

Praveen Chaudhari

Richard J. Gambino

Joseph G. Gavin Jr.

Clarence W. Hansell

The 2006 LITHF Inductees

Evelyn Berezin

Glenn H. Curtiss

Alexander Seversky

Harold A. Wheeler

The 2005 LITHF Inductees

David Pall

Hector Skifter

Ernst Weber

The 2004 LITHF Inductees

Raymond Davis

Thomas Kelly

Barbara McClintock

Earl Dodge Osborn

The 2003 LITHF Inductees

Raymond Damadian

Louis A. Hazeltine

John H. Marburger III

Chen N. Yang

The 2002 LITHF Inductees

Leroy Grumman

Elmer A. Sperry

Jerome Swartz

Charles B. Wang

James D. Watson