2011 Young Hall of Famers

This year's Long Island Intel finalists and their projects

Intel Finalists

Jonathan Aaron Goldman

Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School
Evidence for Link between Native Reading Language and Internal/External Scanning Processes


Jan Jiawei Gong

Garden City High School

The Effect of High Glucose Levels on Morphine Signaling in Mytilus edulis: Novel Implications for the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes


Michelle Abi Hackman

John L. Miller Great Neck North High School
Communication Underload: Validating the Existence of Disconnect Anxiety


Matthew Lam

Jericho High School

Pain Education: Overcoming Barriers to Pain Control and Improving Quality of Life Among Chinese American Cancer Patients


Siemens Finalists


Nevin Daniel

Ward Melville

Novel Asymmetrical Bow-Tie PAMAM Dendrimer Conjugates as Model Systems for Anticancer Taxoid Drug Delivery


Nikhil Mehandru

Roslyn High School

Sonya Prasad

The Wheatley School

Santhosh Narayan

Munster High School in Indiana

Engineering Nanoscale Biosensors with Thermoreversible Hydrogels for a Dual Therapy of Cancer Detection and Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery