Inductee Profile

Bernard Loughlin

Known as the ‘House Wizard’ to the 1939 Cooper Union Class of Senior Electrical students, Bernard Loughlin’s list of lifelong innovative accomplishments fall directly in line with what those around him might have imagined. Described as a ‘brilliant engineer, a superb analyst, a gentleman, man of integrity, teacher, counselor, mentor and friend”, the list of accolades that this scientist brings to the table over his lifetime include a host of national and international accomplishments that one only might dream of. He is the winner of the Vladimir K. Zworykin Award, a Fellow of IRE, the David Sarnoff Gold Medal Award winner; he is listed in Who’s Who in the East and American Men of Science; he is a Modern Pioneer from the National Association of Manufacturers, an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering, the winner of the Gano Dunn Medal for professional achievement, a member of the Board of Directors for the Hazeltine Corporation, the winner of the International Television Citation and a 1986 Hazeltine Fellow Award winner.

Bernard Loughlin is known nationally and internationally best for ‘putting the color into television’ and more formerly as the ‘Grandfather of Color TV’.

Many fellow Hazeltine affiliates whom Bernard Loughlin had served next to in his 49 year affiliation to the company cite that few projects have not benefited from Barney Loughlin’s technical competence. He was known first as a master of technical problem solving and secondly, as an innovator. In all his years at Hazeltine, he was directly responsible for the acquiring of 100 patents and was a writer of a multitude of technical papers, dealing in scientific theory and understanding. Royalties from his major patents produced millions of dollars for Hazeltine and income is still being received from Canadian patents that have not even expired. In the 70’s when Hazeltine was suffering hard times financially, it was the income from these patents that actually kept the company afloat.

Perhaps Bernard Loughlin’s insight was the greatest gift he could offer the world; his thinking knew no boundaries and his dreaming was just something that was going to come to pass after all the connections in theory and thought were made.