Inductee Profile

Richard J. Gambino

Richard J. Gambino is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stony Brook University. Mr. Gambino received the B.S. in Chemistry in 1957 from the University of Connecticut and the M.S. from Polytechnic Institute of New York in 1976. He joined IBM Research in 1961 as a research staff member where he was subsequently Manager of Amorphous Magnetism and Visiting Scientist at the Zurich Research Laboratory. He came to Stony Brook University in 1993 with the support of the IBM Technical Academic Career Program designed to help outstanding IBM employees’ transition to university teaching and research. Gambino’s research at Stony Brook has been on materials for electronics and for sensor applications including magnetic, temperature and strain sensors. He has authored 160 publications including the book “Magneto-Optical Recording Materials” and holds 45 patents.

Mr. Gambino received the National Medal of Technology from President Bill Clinton in 1995 for his inventions in magneto-optical recording, developed at IBM in collaboration with Dr. Praveen Chaudhari and Dr. Jerry Cuomo, who were co-recipients of the medal. Mr. Gambino was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering in 2004 for his work on magnetic recording. He was recognized by the IEEE with the Morris N. Liebmann award in 1992 and elected a fellow of the IEEE in 1995. Gambino also received several IBM awards including the IBM Corporate Award in 1991 in recognition of his joint work with Chaudhari and Cuomo.

Gambino is also CTO of MesoScribe Technologies, a high technology company he co-founded in 2002. He was president and CEO until 2006 when he became chairman of the board of MesoScribe. The Company has developed a breakthrough materials processing technology enabling the fabrication of embedded sensors, flexible electronics, antennas, and electronic circuit components directly onto complex surfaces. This new technology referred to as “Direct Write” will allow unprecedented structural health sensing capabilities for gas turbine engines and aerospace structures operating in harsh environments. MesoScribe has R&D contracts with Department of Energy, Air Force, Navy, Army, and NASA. Furthermore, in 2004 the National Institute of Standards and Technology awarded a $5.4 Million Advanced Technology Program to MesoScribe and partner Siemens Power Generation, Inc. to demonstrate the technology within power generating turbines. MesoScribe’s main offices and development laboratories are located at the Long Island High Technology Incubator in Stony Brook, NY.